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SASA - South African Sugar Association


The website will present you with 2 files per farm that can be downloaded onto your computer.

One file (with the .PDF extension) contains data for the weekly Planters Advice. This file can only be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from this site. Please click here to start the download.

The other file is a .TXT file which can be loaded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, using the following procedure.

1) Follow the instructions to save the file to a directory on your local hard drive. Make a note of the file path and name.
2) Open Excel, and then use the "File - Open" command and locate the file you have just downloaded. (Remember to show all files *.*, not just *.XLS files, or you will not see it).
3) Excel should detect that the file is fixed width, and then import it correctly, dividing the data into the required columns. It may be necessary to do a search and replace for commas, to remove them.

The completed spreadsheet contains year to date delivery information summarised by field number, season total, month total and week total. The detailed, individual delivery information is also contained in this file.

Please Note
1. The Excel file is not interactive in the sense that changes that are made to detail delivery figures are NOT recalculated in the season, month and week summaries.
2. The files can be downloaded by simply clicking on the appropriate icon associated with the file and choosing the directory where the file will be saved.
3. If there is a 'No download available' graphic for the .PDF file then you do not have a Planters Advice for the current week i.e. no deliveries or amendments.

(For Archives Page)
4. All of the above instructions might also apply to archives page
5. If there's no file under the 'Week Ending' for the a week, then you do not have files for that week.